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While working on client projects, we often use open-sourced code. Whether that’s Tailwind CSS, PHP libraries, Vue components or jQuery plugins – most projects use at least one open-sourced product so it seems only fair to give back!

Here are some of the open-source projects that Ben has developed, primarily written in PHP, jQuery or Vue.js with hopefully more projects released in the future.

You can view more on Ben's GitHub account:

PHP Upload

A PHP class that makes handling uploads and file validation a lot simpler. You can use the chainable methods to set up the upload parameters such as min/max file size, mime types, and file extensions. Once set up, you can simply turn on the ignition().

For a more advanced upload option, this class allows you to add callbacks and loop through the files awaiting upload to perform your own validation and checks.

Tested to work with PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.


A PHP class that makes working with IMAP as easy as possible. This class is written to be chain-able to create a logically fluent and easily readable way to access an IMAP mailbox. It simplifies the PHP IMAP_* library into a set of easy to read methods that do the heavy lifting for you.

It has been fully tested to work from PHP 5.3+ including PHP 7.

PHP Calendar

A PHP class that makes generating calendars as easy as possible. You can use the addEvent() or addEvents() methods to mark events on the generated calendar.

This is fully compatible from PHP 5.3+, including PHP 7.

jQuery Calendar

A simple lightweight (2.1KB) jQuery JavaScript plug-in to generate calendars with 8 responsive colour schemes to choose from (or use your own style sheet).

This was built using the PHP Calendar version and shares the same calendar styles.

PHP Twitter Widget

A PHP alternative to the Twitter Embed Timelines JavaScript. Twitter Embedded Timelines allow you to show your latest tweets using JavaScript. While this can help you easily implement your latest tweets on your website, I needed to create a similar effect without including any additional JavaScript files on the web page. I decided to create a script that will fetch tweets server-side, and allow for including in a web page without JavaScript includes. I also needed to ensure I cached the result, to avoid hitting API limits.

Works with PHP 5.3 through to PHP 7.

WooCommerce - Customers Also Viewed

A simple plugin built for WordPress that allows the website owner to integrate a section showing products that have been viewed by other users that have viewed the current product.

The owner can choose the location of the "Customers Also Viewed" box, or use the new [customers-also-viewed] shortcode within the loop to fully customize the placement.

This is fully tested up to WordPress Version 5.2.4.

PHP Pagination

A lightweight PHP pagination class to output pagination links. This class is written to be chain-able so to create a logically fluent and easily readable way to create a set of pagination links.

It simplifies the paging of results and outputs Bootstrap 4 compatible navigation HTML.

It has been fully tested to work with PHP 5.5+, including PHP 7+.

Benjamin, is brilliant at what he does, he really knows what he is at. Gives real useful advice and guidance. He is fast and timely provides updates and always provides solutions and listens well. Trust me Benjamin is a breath of fresh air.
- Alexander T.
Ben had a great idea for my project and completed the project to our requirements very quickly. He also helped me tweak a few issues and answered my questions quickly. We'll work with Ben again!
- Gordon S.
I was impressed: a freelancer who could give me inputs and details on how he'd implement the solution, kept me updated in the meanwhile, understood my requirements and proposed pretty nice tweaks to make things even better. Ben, you are amazing. I will need no more time to find any other dev's, and will surely deal with you again if I need something related to these things in the future. Full stop.
- Marco F.
Absolutely superb, a great work ethic, outstanding knowledge and a great eye for detail. I thoroughly recommend him!
- Gary J.
Benjamin is a talented developer who can tackle technically challenging projects with great service and communication. Thoroughly recommended.
- Steven M.
Ben truly went above and beyond. He's fantastic at communication, coding, getting round problems, fixing issues, WordPress, custom plugins and much more. I will be using Ben again for other projects.
- Rachael R.
Ben went the extra mile and not only resolved the problem but provided a more suitable solution for the long term. Cheers!
- William R.
Ben is an amazing developer. He took the project and delivered it on time and within budget, whilst maintaining excellent communication. He also worked beyond what was asked to make sure the project was functioning correctly. Would highly recommend A++++!
- David B.
Fantastic work on our JS script. Ben worked beyond the goals of the project and overcame extra issues that were not defined in the project. He is very quick to respond and patent when waiting for our response. One of our top 5 Developers, We had to deal with many Interfaces including server firewalls/Java-scripting/JSON/PHP/PHP APIs/Remote Databases and automation.
- Kevin J.
Ben is just great to work with. Efficient, clearly communicating, understanding very quickly, and also giving great advice. I will continue working with Ben on any other WordPress stuff. Sorry for all those other PPH'ers :-)
- Bruno V.
Absolutely amazing experience. Ben is an expert in this field, I was amazed at how quickly he jumped on our platform and decoded the code, db etc. He will go over and above to find solutions for clients. Highly recommended.
- Harrus A.
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