A PHP class that makes working with IMAP as easy as possible.

This class is written to be chain-able so to create a logically fluent and easily readable way to access an IMAP mailbox.

It simplifies the PHP IMAP_* library into a set of easy to read methods that do the heavy lifting for you.

It has been fully tested to work with PHP 5.3+, including PHP 7.0.

Installation via Composer

You can now install this class via composer:

composer require benhall14/php-imap-reader

Remember to add the composer autoloader before using the class and use the correct namespace.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';
use benhall14\phpImapReader\Email as Email;
use benhall14\phpImapReader\EmailAttachment as EmailAttachment;
use benhall14\phpImapReader\Reader as Reader;


Please make sure you have added the required classes.

In its simplest form, use the following to connect:

# your imap user name
define('IMAP_USERNAME', '');

# your imap password
define('IMAP_PASSWORD', '');

# your imap address EG. {}
define('IMAP_MAILBOX', '');

# the path to save attachments to or false to skip attachments
define('ATTACHMENT_PATH', __DIR__ . '/attachments');


# create a new Reader object

# use one or more of the following chain-able methods to filter your email selection
# alias for mailbox($mailbox)

# sets the mailbox to return emails from. Default = INBOX

# retrieve a specific email by id

# get all RECENT emails

# get all FLAGGED emails

# get all UNFLAGGED emails

# get all UNANSWERED emails

# get all DELETED emails

# alias for UNSEEN()

# get all UNSEEN emails

# get all emails from $email

# get all emails with $string in the subject line

# get all emails with $string in the body

# get all emails with $string TEXT

# get all SEEN emails

# alias for SEEN()

# get all NEW emails

# get all OLD emails

# get all emails with $keyword KEYWORD

# get all emails without $keyword KEYWORD

# get all emails received before $date. *Date should be in a format that can be parsed by strtotime.*

# get all emails received since $date. *Date should be in a format that can be parsed by strtotime.*

# get all emails sent to $to

# get all emails with $string in the BCC field

# get all emails with $string in the CC field

# get all emails received on $date. *Date should be in a format that can be parsed by strtotime.*

# limit the number of emails returned to $limit for pagination

# used with limit to create pagination

# order the emails returned in ASCending order

# order the emails returned in DESCendeing order

# get all emails (default)

# finally make the connection and retrieve the emails.

# You can then loop through $imap->emails() for each email.
foreach($imap->emails() as $email){

# The email has been clean and formated.
# see below.


# ... your code here ...

} catch (Exception $e){

echo $e->getMessage();


While looping through the returned emails, each email object can be used as below:

# Return true if the email is to $email, else returns false

# Returns an array of Reply To email addresses (and names)

# Returns an array of CC email addresses (and names)

# Returns the recipient email address

# Returns the id of the email

# Returns the size of the email

# Returns the date in the $format specified. Default Y-m-d H:i:s

# Returns the email subject

# Returns the sender's name, if set.

# Returns the sender's email address

# Returns the plain text body of the email, if present

# Returns the html body of the email, if present

# Returns true/false based on if the email has attachments

# Returns an array of EmailAttachment objects

# Returns an attachment based on the given attachment $id

# Returns true/false based on the recent flag

# Returns true/false based on the unseen flag

# Returns true/false based on the flagged flag

# Returns true/false based on the answered flag

# Returns true/false based on the deleted flag

# Returns true/false based on the draft flag

The $email->attachments(); method returns an array of attachments belonging to the email in a benhall14\phpImapReader\EmailAttachment object. The following methods are available for each attachment.

# check if the current $email has any attachments.

# get the attachments for the current $email in the loop.
$attachments = $email->attachments();

# loop through the found attachments.
foreach($attachments as $attachment){

$attachment->id(); # Returns the attachments ID.

$attachment->name(); # Returns the attachments name.

$attachment->filePath(); # Returns the local file path for the attachment. This is based on the ATTACHMENT_PATH constant set in the imap config.

$attachment->content(); # Returns the attachments content data.

$attachment->type(); # Returns either 'attachment' or 'inline'.




Works with PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, and PHP 7+


Copyright (c) Benjamin Hall, -

Licensed under the MIT license


If you find this project helpful or useful in any way, please consider getting me a cup of coffee - It's really appreciated :)


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