Our Work

This is a sample of some of the web development projects we've been working on recently. Some of the most interesting work-pieces are covered by an NDA, which won't let us go into specifics. Each development project lists the specific skills that were used to bring the project to fruition.

More portfolio content coming soon...

Here is a brief list of the wide-ranging types of projects we have worked on:
  • Bankruptcy Calculators
  • ROI Calculators
  • School Websites
  • Custom Forms plugins
  • Finance Calculators
  • eBook Store
  • Task Manager SAAS
  • Interactive Forms
  • SaaS Applications
  • Custom Checkouts
  • RESTful APIs
  • Ticket-based Helpdesk System
  • Cost Calculators
  • Interactive School Exam SaaS
  • Dog Treat Subscription Service
  • Hen Party Planning Website
  • Fashion Blog & eStore
  • Care Industry Job Listing Board
  • CD/Vinyl WordPress store
  • Football Betting Website
  • Custom Calendar and Events System
  • Vintage/Antique Online Book Store
  • Ticked-based Page Authentication Plugin
  • Payment Integrations - Paypal, Stripe
  • Interactive Food-based Games
And much much more...

In Detail

Interactive Food-based Games

Interactive Food-based Games

Working with a nutritionist, we made several interactive food-based 'games' that she could use within presentations. Using a large 14,000+ ingredient XLSX file, I created an API that the games could query for nutritional data.

Here is a list of some of the projects we created:

  • Create your shopping list - with downloadable/printable PDF versions.
  • Create your own menu! - with downloadable/printable PDF versions.
  • What is my food made up? - This game allows the user to enter an ingredient and provides a breakdown of calories and nutritional values.
  • Let's choose what to eat! - This game allows the user to select 4 ingredients and compare their nutritional and calorie values.
  • Food Energy - This game allows the user to compare a fruit with a legume to which has more calories.
  • What does my food fall into? - This game allows the user to add ingredients (up to 10) to create a meal, with a final nutritional value based on the whole meal selected.
  • Plating my food? - This game allows the user to choose salads, proteins, and carbs of different portion size to see what their plate looks like, with tips to make it healthier.
  • The Snack Game! - This game allows the user to choose a food item and reports whether the chosen food would make a good snack.
  • The Athletes Game! - This game allows the user to choose a food, then gives a breakdown of the nutritional values, including glucose and how long it takes to enter the bloodstream.
  • Eat and Lose Weight with Pachi! - This game allows the user to choose a recipe, or food, then a portion size, and then gives a breakdown of the nutritional values. It also gives tips on how to improve.
  • And more...

All of the above games were created in both English and Spanish.

PHP with OOP
jQuery & JavaScript
API Creation
API Integration

UK Chalets

UK property listing directory

The client wanted a bespoke property listing platform designed using PHP and MySQL. They wanted to avoid the large WordPress/Laravel route, and so using a simple routing framework (Slim), I created the UK Chalets website using MVC principles.

I designed and wrote a custom CMS for both the client's administrative tasks, ands the end-user to manage their accounts. This enabled the end-user to upload their own holiday property details, images, availability, etc and the information will be visible on the main property search front end in the form of a full-page advertisement.

The client wanted a simple, clean, user-friendly way to allow property owners to list their properties themselves, to cut down on the admin side.

Some of the notable features of the website that I created include:

  • 'Manage Property' wizard,
  • Add/Update/Delete Price range blocks to automatically fill the front-end calendar availability,
  • Bookings - Allows the user to manage property bookings, and 'blocks out' the calendar for booked periods,
  • Reports - Generate reports that can be printed or downloaded in PDF and CSV formats,
  • Enquires - respond to enquiries directly from the control panel. This involved reading an IMAP mailbox and sorting out the enquiries for each user.
  • Helpdesk - a custom ticket-based helpdesk that allows admin to respond to ticket helpdesk requests faster,

The client was extremely happy with the end product and I was delighted to have worked with them to bring UK Chalets to life.

jQuery & JavaScript
Google Maps API
Weather API
IMAP Email Handling
iCal Integration
Payment Integration
SSL and Security
Social media Integration
PDF, CSV Creation
Homepage design with interactive SVG + jQuery map.
Property Editor Wizard Start
Account sign-in
Interactive booking calendar
Account Overview with weather API
Property Editor Wizard Location
Move the pointer to pin-point the location using the Google Maps API
Feature list toggle
Property image uploader
Property Advert
Property Advert
Property Advert


A multi-user blog hosting platform

Developing a bespoke social blogging platform to replace the in-place WordpressMU setup, working to re-factor the setup with advanced features added using code written for PHP7 (using MVC principles and object-oriented programming) and a MySQL database.


  • Scratch-built blogging platform to be able to support thousands of blogs and over 100,000 requests daily.
  • Using a factory pattern and object-oriented programming.
  • Designing and developing the required MySQL Infrastructure.
  • Developing a bespoke API for use in the back-end control panel.
  • Following the MVC pattern for planning, designing, programming, and cross-browser testing front/back-end code.
  • Developing an advanced feature-set including:
    • Following feature.
    • Followers feature.
    • 'Like' feature.
    • Re-blogging feature.
    • Messages or private messaging feature.
    • Advanced theme customizer.
    • Dedicated ticket-based help desk panel - with uploads, email responses, IMAP mailbox monitoring, etc.
  • Back-end control panel using the developed Rest API, using jQuery and AJAX to update views.
  • Documenting features and technical specifications adhering to PSR-5 recommendations.
  • Integration with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest.
Rest API
jQuery & Javascript
Design and UI
Benjamin, is brilliant at what he does, he really knows what he is at. Gives real useful advice and guidance. He is fast and timely provides updates and always provides solutions and listens well. Trust me Benjamin is a breath of fresh air.
- Alexander T.
Ben had a great idea for my project and completed the project to our requirements very quickly. He also helped me tweak a few issues and answered my questions quickly. We'll work with Ben again!
- Gordon S.
I was impressed: a freelancer who could give me inputs and details on how he'd implement the solution, kept me updated in the meanwhile, understood my requirements and proposed pretty nice tweaks to make things even better. Ben, you are amazing. I will need no more time to find any other dev's, and will surely deal with you again if I need something related to these things in the future. Full stop.
- Marco F.
Absolutely superb, a great work ethic, outstanding knowledge and a great eye for detail. I thoroughly recommend him!
- Gary J.
Benjamin is a talented developer who can tackle technically challenging projects with great service and communication. Thoroughly recommended.
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Ben truly went above and beyond. He's fantastic at communication, coding, getting round problems, fixing issues, WordPress, custom plugins and much more. I will be using Ben again for other projects.
- Rachael R.
Ben went the extra mile and not only resolved the problem but provided a more suitable solution for the long term. Cheers!
- William R.
Ben is an amazing developer. He took the project and delivered it on time and within budget, whilst maintaining excellent communication. He also worked beyond what was asked to make sure the project was functioning correctly. Would highly recommend A++++!
- David B.
Fantastic work on our JS script. Ben worked beyond the goals of the project and overcame extra issues that were not defined in the project. He is very quick to respond and patent when waiting for our response. One of our top 5 Developers, We had to deal with many Interfaces including server firewalls/Java-scripting/JSON/PHP/PHP APIs/Remote Databases and automation.
- Kevin J.
Ben is just great to work with. Efficient, clearly communicating, understanding very quickly, and also giving great advice. I will continue working with Ben on any other WordPress stuff. Sorry for all those other PPH'ers :-)
- Bruno V.
Absolutely amazing experience. Ben is an expert in this field, I was amazed at how quickly he jumped on our platform and decoded the code, db etc. He will go over and above to find solutions for clients. Highly recommended.
- Harrus A.
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